Sharing my life with dogs

I am a self described dog person, I’ve loved dogs as long as I can remember.  You don’t have to know me for very long to know that I am dog crazy.  My husband likes to, with a wink of the eye, call me “the crazy dog lady”, a title which to me is a badge of honor.  I’m the person who stops in their tracks to meet, greet and have a chat with every dog tied out in front of an establishment patiently waiting for their owner to reappear.  I “get” dogs far better than I “get” people.  I’ll be honest…I know you don’t own 3 and occasionally 5 dogs at a time without being a bit eccentric.


A birthday gift from a friend hanging in our laundry room

As a very sick child often missing months of school at a time our family dogs were my constant companions and sadly sometimes some of my few friends.  When you’re sick a lot, absent from school constantly and unable to participate in team sports, other kids aren’t particularly interested in being your friend, not knowing if and when you’d be well enough to be around and participating in school and social events.  Our dogs however were ever faithful to me despite weeks and sometimes months away at the hospital.  The times I was feeling well I was in our basement or garage setting up obstacle courses and training the dogs to navigate through my creations.  Those times brought me such delight and strengthened my enamor of the canine species, even at a very young age.  When I was in my early teens and a new puppy came into the family my mother signed me up to take him to obedience class, I Ioved every second of it.  I practiced the lessons and commands faithfully everyday.  Going to class each week and seeing my dog better trained then some of the dogs of the adult handlers helped build my self esteem and confidence.


My big guy “assisting” me as I type this post

Into adulthood I continued to share my life with dogs, I hope to their benefit as much as mine.  While living on a farm in Northern California with a Rottweiler and 2 Australian Cattle Dogs I became good friends with my neighbor, a corgi breeder, a type of dog I had never interacted with before.  It didn’t take long for me to be besotted with the diminutive dog with the stumpy legs.  Their compact size belies their courageous nature, how else is a 25-35 pound dog going to herd cattle?  Being a herding breed they are highly intelligent and energetic, a good fit for my lifestyle.  I became a corgi owner and devotee very soon after, experiencing the joy of watching my first corgi come into this world.


A cool dip in an alpine lake at 12,000 ft, after a long day of hiking in the Rockies

Now I am a few more corgis later and I continue to value sharing my life with dogs.  Being a mum to dogs has brought me so much joy, kept me physically active and helped me make new friends.  During my darkest time of loss, having to get out of bed to feed, walk and care for my dogs rescued me, brought me out of depression and helped me to rejoin life.  They seem to understand my times of illness and draw closer and calmer while I heal. Always patiently at the ready for when I’m well again and we’re off on another walk, hike, road trip or great adventure.  As enthusiastic to rest in my lap and supervise my typing this post as they are to trek with me and my husband up a 14,000 foot mountain.  I am so deeply appreciative for their devotion, patience, love and effervescent exuberance, it has sweetened my life immeasurably.


Tailgating at a Dead and Co. show

So that’s my story…I’d love to know how dogs have made your life better too!


Snowshoeing in Colorado


Beach babies


Resting up on a road trip to our next adventure…

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