Oh poop!

I came home today to 2 pieces of dog poop on the kitchen floor and it hit me as an appropriate title to this week’s post.  Now my 3 darling, and normally housebroken, corgis are superstars when it comes to “holding it”, they have, on a rare occasion, gone up to 12 hours without an accident. Not sure what happened this morning during the 5 hours I was away, but I was glad it was deposited onto the tile floor, easily picked and cleaned up, not a big deal.

It did strike me that this “gift” was a visual reminder of what’s happening in my life right now.  Three months ago I broke my left wrist after slipping on ice while on winter vacation in Colorado.  The result of the break was 8 weeks in 3 different casts and being unable to drive or work to name a few “highlights”.  Yesterday I had an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon, I hadn’t seen him in 5 weeks.  Since my last appointment I have started back to work, worked hard in physical therapy and diligently followed the suggested daily home exercises.  As a result of my hard work there is a significant improvement in my forward and backward wrist movement but poor to no progress in pronation and supination.  My lack of pronation means I can only type with my right hand and my normal use of the mouse with my left hand has caused me to develop tendonitis in my wrist and fingers.  I work part time at a desk job so not being able to fully utilize both my hands for computer use makes my regular work tasks painful and more time consuming.  After measuring and evaluating my movement the doctor ordered me to have a CT scan to see if he needs to go in and cut the bone to more properly align my wrist and alleviate the pronation and supination issue.  So, yes…after 3 months of healing, getting back to work and life in general there is a possibility I will need surgery and start this whole stupid process all over again – see what I mean about OH POOP?!?!  CT scan scheduled for next week, meeting with the doctor to review the results the following week…the saga continues…

(I’ve typed the word supination enough times I’m going to digress for a moment.  I have come to love the word supination (pronounced soupin-a-shun), it makes me think of a make believe nation where the residents only consume soup.  Don’t you think it’s a bit funny?)

What’s a girl to do when faced with a week of poop?  Well it’s quite natural for this girl, get outdoors and explore.  There is a nature trail that I’ve heard about and have been wanting to investigate so I loaded up the corgis and off we went.  A little exercise and time spent outside always refreshes and invigorates me, the poop that life served me was a little easier to handle after a few hours with the corgis exploring the Upper Newport Bay.

Here are some highlights of our expedition…


Being a cloudy day I decided it was a good opportunity to check this place out as I knew there wasn’t any shade.  The lack of sunlight also helped make the pictures turn out well.


Attempted to get the gang together for a picture by the mustard but the big guy was far too anxious to get underway to sit still.



Some colorful wild brush and blooming cactus along the upper portion of the cliff.


Even seeing civilization in the background didn’t take away from the pretty scenery


There were so many snails attached to the stalks of this shrubbery.  I didn’t see any evidence of them anywhere else.  Who knew snails grew on trees?  Hahaha 🙂 😉


We walked down into the lagoon and found this small creek providing a water source for the large trees which concealed it.  I had to convince the corgis it wasn’t an appropriate spot for swimming.

After walking down the trail into the outer edges of the bay the flora changed dramatically.

IMG_7971IMG_7969With a steady water source things down on the bay’s edge were much greener.  This plant looked like coral growing on land.


IMG_7964Looking from the bay back up toward the bluff the variety of plants was muted and quite pretty.

IMG_7966Couldn’t resist capturing the wild artichoke, I wonder how it survives the salt water.

IMG_7996IMG_7986Absolutely no idea what either of these 2 unique beauties are…any ideas?

IMG_7984The old girl considering if she can break away, swim over and catch that waterfowl.  Sorry girl, probably not even in your younger and more spry days.

IMG_7992Back up on top of the bluff and the big guy was impressed by this display of flowering cactus.

IMG_7981The gang was tired out enough when we were down inside the bay that they held still momentarily for a nice photo.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey around Newport Beach’s back bay as much as I did.  After getting out and exploring I have a healthier perspective on the events of the week.  Yes, there was some literal and figurative poop that landed in my life but spending time in nature brought me back to a feeling of balance.

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